Career & Development

Career & Development

Career & Development consists of three parts.

Corporate relations looks for sponsorships and partners for Politika in the outside world. Via creative collaborations we support the general workings and broad range of activities of Politika. Politika always looks for partners that bring added value to our students. 

Career closes the gap between students and the labour market. To increase the professional skills of our students, we organize workshops round a broad range of subjects. Besides that we try to inform and inspire our students, cause the future of a social sciences student is so much more than being a politician or a journalist. 

Development organises the academic events of Politika. With debates, lectures and symposia we try to bring some added value to the life of our students. Thanks to the 'Groot KopstukkenDebat' Politika had been an established event-organiser in Leuven. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail on or

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