About Politika

About Politika

'Politika exists by, but mostly for students'. This is not just a loose thought. At our faculty students from all departments come together in the Faculty council Politika. This team does everything to give you the best time as a student in Leuven. Politika exists of three parts: The Kring, The Book Shop and The faculty Bar.

We are a non-profit organisation, which says as much as we don't do all of this for personal gain, but for you the students. And this already for more than 78 years!

The student life can be separated into a academic and a social side. We are there for you on both sides. On the academic side we strive for the best education. We organise PAL for our first years and have a seat in every relevant faculty or university council. Besides that our Book Shop provides you with the cheapest books in Leuven. 

But the student life is so much more than studying! It's the perfect time to get to know new people and have some new experiences. During the whole year we organise multiple events and activities with the sole purpose of bringing our students together. But that's not all... Every week we organize our publicly available association meeting and is everyone invited for the Open education meeting. 

If you want to know more about what goes on, on our faculty you can always follow this website, our Social media and the monthly magazine 'De Korf'. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate do jump by our secretary or to send an e-mail to info@politika.be! and remember: when studying gets tough, we're here to love!

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